Parada das bestas

Parada das bestas

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Sitting at the table to enjoy a fine meal is one of the most important moments of any trip. That is why A Parada das Bestas features a space for savouring at leisure the delicacies of Galician gastronomy and the Way of St. James, carefully prepared by our chef, María Varela

Traditional breakfasts

At A Parada das Bestas we prepare for our guests a breakfast made up of recently made coffee, natural juice, seasonal fruit, homemade cakes, delicious toasted bread made in local bakeries and Arzúa-Ulloa cheese!  


km 0 cuisine

We use the best ingredients available each season, and vegetables from our ecological vegetable garden and small-scale local producers to prepare genuine, kilometre zero cuisine that you will not forget, promoting networking and following criteria of quality and sustainability.

Are you ready to savour authentic Galician gastronomy?